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    Technology is rapidly changing the world.
    @ MediaLogyx Studios USA, we stay 1 step ahead.
    Witness the evolution of human computer interaction..

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    We love New Media.
    We really can help, from
    Light bulb -> Launch.

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    we can help

    From Branding to Web,
    From Web to Consulting. plus
    everthing in between. We can help!


MediaLogyx Studios, USA is a full-service, new-media technology company run by an experienced team of innovators and problem solvers. Heartfelt, original, and forward thinking, creative solutions are at the core of our studio practice. We are focused on very meaningful user experiences and effective brand communication.

Our Raison d’être [why we exist]: to provide businesses with high quality, effective and affordable new media & consulting solutions.

At MediaLogyx Studios, USA we create experiences that strengthen relationships between brands and the people who matter most to them. We love what we do and we want to work for you.

Interactive Digital Solutions

Client Concept + Our Design & Development = Amazing Interactive Solution
Check out OilServ EPC: web solutions for one of the largest EPC companies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Identity Solutions

Challenge: create a web presence befitting of a brand with a cult like following. The outcome is the one product digital showcase for bOt-L's infussion bottle. Check it out here...

Identity Solutions

Create a brand strong enough to reach a heavily bombarded audience in the e-commerce + retail space. The outcome is a recognizable and highly perceived brand. clipperhappy.com now has close to 8,000 retail partners and over 30,000 coupons daily.

Identity Solutions

Challenged with creating a brand strong enough to create a cult following in the crowded health & wellness niche. The outcome is bOt-L: only less than 6 months, but evoking the right emotions (15,000+ social media followers, perfect 5 star rating on Amazon.com).

Identity Solution

Tasked with creating a luxurious brand for a hair and beauty parlour. Result is an outstanding brand that's evoking the right emotions even prior to service provision. loved by stakeholders & beta audience.

Interactive Digital Solutions

Check out ClipperHappy.com: solution that automatically pulls in tens of thousands of coupons daily, from about 8,000 of the world's strongest brands. Successfullycompleted, happy clients, but very challenging project.


  • Web is how we started and we love it. Our Interactive Digital Solutions for Web & Mobile Applications are handled by our user interface and user experience (UI/UX) team, in collaboration with our developers. Collectively our core staff have over 4 decades of industry experience. Beyond our core team, we have access to a talented pool of designers & developers to tap into. Our leadership have enforced a strong culture of excellence, and all our satisfied clients can testify. Our Interactive Digital Solutions for Web & Mobile Applications Projects are quoted in blocks of time: at a day rate of $800USD (additional rates may apply). Want an idea of how much time your project will take? Contact us and we can discuss -(discover, plan, design, develop, launch & maintain)- your project in detail.

  • We offer marketing solutions that engage the intended audience. At MediaLogyx Studios USA, we believe in generating value for our clients' ad dollars: it's ROI for us all the way. We do this by providing very aggressive media-buy solutions, either via traditional media (Radio & TV placements) and/or digital media -(web + mobile via these metric models: CPS, CPA, CPC, PPV, CPM)- platforms. Our marketing consultants plan your media buy campaigns with your audience in mind, regardless of your advertising budget.
    Though we are currently not accepting new marketing clients, we charge a Marginal Rate based on your total campaign budget. We will be sure to send out an update to our waiting list and via our blog when this offering becomes available again.

  • Quit Guessing & Get Factual Data You Can Use. We offer consulting services to clients interested in learning how their target audience will ultimately perceive their offering(s). Can you use some ethical intel about your competition? We offer Effective Competitive Intelligence Solutions. Worried about your online reputation? Ask us how to clean things up on your behalf with our Reputation Management Solutions!
    We offer a gamut of new media consulting solutions. Our SEO services are administered by Organeeks USA (A MediaLogyx Company). Visit Organeeks.com for more details on how to improve sales or grow your customer base. Currently, only Local SEO clients are being accepted. We will announce via our blog and to our waiting list when other offerings become available again.

  • We offer Identity Solutions that work. Our branding consultants have over two decades of branding experience: with a gamut of happy clients to show for it. Our end-goal is always the same: to do everything possible to ensure that the brands we create remain effective & timeless for the brand owner. Years of industry experience have morphed our process into a science: one that emphasizess the clients' strongest points. We declare our work done when we are scientifically convinced -(via a reasonable sample size)- that the created brand will be perceived perpetually exactly as intended. From concept to creation and everything in between, we will be there for you. Interested in our Identity Solutions? We can speak further.

  • MLS (HD), is the name of our New Media Incubator. It's our system of morphing ideas/concepts into New Media Reality. Our collective and strong knowledge of the following -(nuts & bolts of new media, industry verticals, overall web audience & revenue streams)- makes maintaining an incubator continually attractive. The process in a nutshell is quite simple: we test a myriad of ideas concurrently, and then turn the best of them into profitable companies. We have a process in place that allows us to attract the human capital necessary to convert these ideas into market ready products. MLS (HD) continues to explore a gamut of technology frontiers. Want to get your idea incubated? An annual retainer will be required, plus equity, to take your idea from concept to launch. Let's discuss. Outside of the scope of a retainer, we will only develop ideas either from our team or from people with whom we have an existing business relationship.


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